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Leachate processing is a major problem that challenges landfills worldwide. An estimated 9% of landfills in the United States have on-site leachate processing plants. These landfills utilize either a biological treatment approach; a chemical/physical treatment approach or emerging technologies like reverse osmosis. The cost of an on-site leachate processing plant is extremely high. The vast majority of the remaining 91% of the landfills utilize a POTW (Public Owned Treatment Works) facility to process leachate to avoid the immense capital costs associated with building an on-site treatment facility. These landfills, however, must pay for the transportation costs of the leachate to the POTW’s as well as the treatment costs charged by the POTW’s.

H2Opportunities is developing a mobile leachate processing system which will significantly reduce the costs associated with processing leachate through the POTW’s by the landfills.

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